The Solution

A woman’s time is her most precious resource.  

Style Saver works with you to preserve your beautiful blowout.  You’ve invested the time and money into great hair – don’t let it go down the drain.

   L.T. Brady : Style Saver inventor, blowout enthusiast, and shower cap fanatic.

L.T. Brady: Style Saver inventor, blowout enthusiast, and shower cap fanatic.

Long story short, Miss Shower Cap swiped right on Mr. Scuba Suit.  One thing led to another and, well, Style Saver was born...

But seriously, our story is nearly that simple - we saw a boatload of problems with old school shower caps (they rip, they're too small, they leave indents in your hair, they fail to keep you hairline dry...) so we fixed it. 

The Style Saver cap is made of eco-friendly PEVA – a biodegradable, non-chlorinated vinyl.  It’s waterproof and mold resistant, and it’s oversized to fit even the thickest, longest ponytail on the block.  And most importantly, our neoprene band protects your hairline from moisture without leaving an annoying dent.  It’s a wetsuit for your blowout!

Thanks to Style Saver's patented design, you can safely wash your face and move around freely without worrying that water will creep up into your shower cap and destroy your entire look with a frizzy hairline. 

Simply put, it’s the best shower cap on Earth.